Sunday, 23 February 2014

The Sunday Post: Movies and Meet Ups

This has been a very unbusy week, kind of boring actually for the most of it, didn't really do much Tuesday to Thursday except veg out in front of the tv, however the other days of this week I actually did something or was productive. 
Monday, was spent with the girls, we met up for lunch at Wetherspoons, I was once again a little late.. We chatted and giggled and one friend in particular was drooling over one of the staff ;) I once again had the best burger I've ever had (Old photo used above to show off this bad boy) Tennessee burger with Honey Jack Daniels BBQ sauce is amazing. We then scampered over to the cinema across the street to be giant kids and went to see The Lego Movie, (we weren't the only people our age in that cinema). We laughed and giggled like idiots, its hilarious the fact they had a lego land called Middle Zealand I think amused me far too much haha. After laughing til our sides hurt it was back to her student flat for dominoes, tea, pop tarts (not quite sure if I totally like them or not) and watched The Lady and the Tramp, I actually haven't seen that movie in over 12 years, I had forgotten how much I loved it.
Skipping over the days where I did nothing, Friday saw some baking of Oatmeal Raisin Cookies (recipe up on the blog in the next couple of days) and I started doing my laundry far too late at night..again.
 Saturday morning I got my hair thinned out, the amount of hair that ended up on that floor from just being thinned out and not cut was the size of a small cat.. I finished laundry, I had far too much to do, why do I let it pile up? I also started sorting out my makeup and brushes on my window sill however I got distracted by James Dean and Disney movies, typical.
 Today was meant to be spent finishing sorting out my make up and brushes, and finishing an assignment due in at the end of the week but been feeling a little under the weather and have taken to the bed instead. 

Hows your week been?

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