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Film Review // The Great Gatsby

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Fuck this movie was good.

Plot: The Great Gatsby opens with our main character and narrator, Nick Carraway (Tobey Maguire), in a sanatorium suffering from depression, alcoholism, insomnia etc. The film follows Nick writing his memories of his time in 1920's New York where we are introduced into the world of the wealthy and reckless, meeting Nick’s incredibly wealthy cousin, Daisy Buchanan (Carey Mulligan), her husband Tom Buchanan (Joel Edgerton), famous golfer, Jordan Baker (Elizabeth Debicki) and the mysterious, new money, Jay Gatsby (Leonardo DiCaprio). We see Nick observe Gatsby using his extravagant parties, enormous house and wealth to try to regain the love of his old sweetheart Daisy and the events that occur because of Gatsby’s naivety and  childlike capability to dream.

It's a fantastic adaptation of The Great Gatsby, it's a near perfect movie version of Fitzgerald's novel and definitely the best version to date!
Luhrmann stayed faithful to the novel I mean he nearly completely recreated scenes exactly with a couple minor changes, 1, with having Nick narrate the story from a sanatorium  which initially weirded me out and made me go wtf Baz? but then felt is actually fit really well, showing like the novel 'can we really trust Nicks view as fact or is it biased'. Another change was they really downplayed Nick and Jordan's relationship, yes they are flirtatious but they never actually have the fling that they had in the book. Some critics hate it and some love it, I find it falls in the middle, I adore it but it does have its faults.
The visuals were fantastic, colourful, beautiful, vibrant. It was just amazing to look at, it worked fantastically for the ludicrous parties Gatsby throws, I seriously wish I could go to a party like that!People argue that Luhrmann focuses too much on the glitz and glamour and therefore the depth of the novel isn't hit. While I agree that the deep meanings behind some of the scenes isn't hit, I feel that it's not due to the focus of the visuals but rather the films editing. There are some shots you see for no more than 5 seconds and then you move on, it doesn't give you enough time to completely appreciate the visuals he's done. Luhrmanns style shows incredibly fast paced editing which at times I really found irritating but when they slowed down later on in the film, it was perfection. 
Small but important details were kept into the film which I adored, like the green light, admittedly it is a subtle image but Baz Luhrmann is anything but subtle! He also kept the detail about Gatsby knocking the clock which I literally found myself grinning at when it occurred. 
The casting for the film was great in my opinion, DiCaprio was absolute perfection as Gatsby, he was able to show the mysteriousness of the character while being so charismatic you couldn't help but pay attention to him while he was on the screen.
 I don't think anyone will ever be able to beat his version of the character! 
Edgerton portrayed the obnoxious, sleazy and brutal character of Tom so well, while Mulligan captures the 'beautiful little fool' aspect of Daisy's character so well and yet is also able to show the coldness and self-centredness associated with her character too. Maguire is my favourite version of Nick to date I don't find a lot of fault with his portrayal but is a little too good natured and Fisher did a brilliant job of showing Myrtles aspirations in the tacky way as interpreted in the book, showing her characters elevated sense of class which she clearly lacks! Although I gotta say she's so skinny  where as the character is supposed to be incredibly seductive in a curvaceous way, a little mismatched in my opinion. 
Lastly the soundtrack was good, it was edgy and modern yet still fit the film. I wasn't fussed on all of the soundtracks but others like Emeli Sandé's cover of Crazy in Love, and the jazz rendition of Lana Del Rey's Young and Beautiful fit the film perfectly. My favourite song off the album has to be Over The Love by Florence & The Machine and yet it's only used once and very quietly for a small amount of time! 

I give this film 9/10

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