Saturday, 27 April 2013

Haul & OOTD // Revision Blues

So this morning I dragged myself out of my bed this morning at 8 on a Saturday, 8! so I could go attend a revision class for my upcoming English Literature A-Level exam this is literally a couple weeks away :S 
After the revision session, because of one of my lovely parents, thanks dad (^-^), I now had money to spend, so after a yummy lunch of pizza from Little Wing with a couple friends, we headed down to the charity shop one of my friends sister volunteers in and I found these lovely things :)
This gorgeous grey and white flower print dress, perfect for a summer night out on the town, this purple shirt, and finally this black fold over clutch. 
The first dress only cost me £3!! 
Bargain much! 
It a gorgeous fun dress that I can now proudly have present in my wardrobe, however for being a size 10 (My size) it's a tad baggy but nothing a wash can't fix. 
The second which at first I thought was just a purple baggy shirt, now I believe its actually a baggy shirt dress as I know I'm quite short but it was very long to be just a shirt.
 I got this for the amazing price of £2.25.
And last but not least I got this black, fold over, pleather clutch for a pound. 
Seriously, a pound! 
I have wanted a fold over clutch for a while now, I even made one myself, which I will put the post about that up soon, but now I have 2 to choose from!
I love how this bag has this gorgeous, satin feel, red material inside and how it's such a great size. It fits all of my essentials inside that I would normally bring out with me on a night out.
It's the perfect going out bag. 
Usually when I go into charity shops, I usually just buy jewellery as I usually never find anything in my size that I like, or thats in great quality as sometimes things like bags tend to be a bit scuffed up or have minor damage like missing buttons, so I was surprised with my luck today with finding these items in such great condition. 
I'm ok with having sacrificed my Starbucks for these. 

Also just a little OOTD, as I haven't posted one in a while.
Sorry for the picture quality, this was taken from my instagram.
Please ignore my lions mane, it's in serious need of cutting..
Today's outfit: 
Green Top // New Look 
White Tank Top // Primark 
Leggings // New Look 
Black Flats with detailing // Old 
Grey Hoodie // Dunnes 
Watch // Next 
Hope you all have had a happy Saturday!! 

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