Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Film Review // A Single Man

A Single Man is a 2009 drama film based on the novel of the same name, written by author Christopher Isherwood, and was directed by american fashion designer Tom Ford. 

The Plot:
Set in Los Angeles in 1962, George Falconer, a British college professor  who is struggling to find meaning in his life after the death of his long-time partner, Jim. The film takes place over a single day, where a series of encounters, ultimately leads him to decide if there is a meaning to life after Jim.

This film made me laugh, cry, think about life and just put me through a turmoil of emotions.
It's now in my top 10 all time favourite movies it was that good!
It stars Colin Firth, Matthew Goode, Julianne Moore and Nicholas Hoult and I got to say not one member of the cast did a bad job. Colin Firth was simply amazing as the gay, depressed professor trying to find meaning in his life after he's lost someone who he considered his other half, and the love of his life. His acting in this was incredible, he could make me laugh and cry at exactly the same time. 
I can totally understand why he won so many awards for his role as George, it's definitely one of my favourite characters he's played to date! 

Julianne Moore and Nicholas Hoult were also fantastic, Moore playing the role of the beautiful,  caring a little too much, just as miserable bestfriend was brilliant and Hoult, playing one of George's students,  shone out despite being beside such amazing actors
He may not have physically been in the film, but loved the fact that Matthew Goode's character's cousin was voice cameo by Jon Hamm. 
You gotta love that man. 

Sex god is not the right phrase.

This film's plot is just amazing, I personally can not find a fault in the script or something I especially dislike and the films ending, just felt right and perfect for the film. 
The cinematography just took my breathe away, the use of colour, the scenery itself, everything. I can understand why is was s brilliant, the production design was done by the same people who designed Mad Men (A tv series I absolutely adore!!) and they definitely know what they are doing.
Also can I pleaaaaase own that house! It's gorgeous!
Pretty please! :3

There are not enough words to describe how brilliant this film is, it is definitely a must see and I very much suggest as soon as you're finished reading this to go and watch it.
Seriously, leave your computer and go now. 

I rate this film 10/10

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