Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Wishlist // eBay #1

Links to all the items are in the numbers below


New kind of post to show how I'm a bit of a shopaholic....
I love eBay you can find so many gorgeous, cool items of clothing, jewellery, shoes, accessories etc. I could go on, there are so many things to find and these are my current 5 favourites.

I have a huge thing for Chelsea boots right now and I have been desperate for a pair for ages and these shoes are gorgeous. I have also been wanting one of these 'Geek' slogan tops ever seen I saw them come out in shops, and these seller is selling them for a very cheap price and in gorgeous colours, Still deciding if I prefer the red wine or bottle green version.
Also I am a major fan of that little guy.
 I adore Stitch from Lilo & Stitch, I'd definitely never lose my phone again with that phone cover. 
Just look at how adorable that it is!! 

It's difficult trying to save your money to be able to  go on holiday with your friends over summer when there is so much temptation on the internet :/

What's currently on your wishlist? 

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