Saturday, 15 September 2012

Someday Summary // Saturday

I have seen this someday summary thing been done on various blogs and I must say I'm quite the sheep and decided to do the same thing :)

1. After having an allergic reaction to a face wipe I used and waking up to a puffy, red, very sore face at the beginning of the week my skin is finally starting to get back to normal. 
Thank god for Double Base moisturiser!!
2. I'm also nearly completely recovered from being really sick for the past 3 days. Was sent home from school on Thursday as I was told by my Geography teacher and I quote "You look horrendous" Was off school Thursday and Friday with nausea, stomach pains and a temperature. My body couldn't decide if I was to feel way too hot or way too cold!! 
Since I was off spent that time in my onesie catching up on episodes of Pretty Little Lairs season 2. 
I'm a little addicted...
3. On a better note my grandmother surprised me with an extremely early 18th birthday present of an IPod Touch as the IPod classic she gave me ,as she never used it anymore, the battery died and then after that was fixed the hard drive died.
Been downloading free books, figuring out Instagram, playing angry birds and playing my new obsession the game Contre Jour all day!
4. Finally I found a new Audrey Hepburn movie to obsess over 'How To Steal A Million' also starring Peter O'Toole. Watch the trailer here.
That woman is so beautiful it's annoying! <(>.<)>
5. Still a little sad I couldn't go to my friends party last night due to still being sick, phonecall from my friends was nice but still wish I could have been there, I was missing out on all the fun :/

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