Tuesday, 11 September 2012

DIY // Book Cover Final Designs. *Updated*

So a while ago I did a DIY for paper book covers and I didn't just want to leave them blank so I personalised them to my own tastes especially since I'm crazy obsessed over this new technique I learnt for marbling paper with nail varnish!!

 These covers were sooo much fun to make!
You can design them and personalise them to your own tastes, make the your very own collection of covers that you know that nobody else has.  

However after a while I still liked the design but I felt my dodgy looking handwriting had ruined the effect and I happened to stumble across some pretty flower print paper in my art supplies I decided to modify these covers once again.

I gotta say I loved both designs I did but this one I just loved better. The print on the paper is kinda old fashioned and reminds me of the print you would see inside those old hardback editions of these novels you find in old bookstores, or now ones like Waterstones where
 people are recovering these types of novels in a cool modern yet vintage way!
A fantastic example are the Penguin 'Clothbound Classics' they are so pretty!! 
I want them all.
These are only a few of the collection
Image taken from Google. 

Hope your weeks been ok so far :)

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