Sunday, 22 July 2012

Beauty Loves // Unii Palette

I love eye shadow a lot... 
The photo at the very top is not even all of my eye shadows! 
The last couple of weeks I haven't been wearing a lot of make up as my skin has been really good thanks to the multiple make up free days! So if I have been out make up has been minimal; concealer, mascara, a very light eye and a bit of blush and tinted lip balm. 

Problem with me is I can be extremely clumsy and I haven't always taken proper care of my eye shadows so many cases have been broken or damaged. I also have eye shadows where the cases are so bulky it's just awkward to carry around!
 Another issue for me is because I'm so pale and because of my colouring I don't suit some of the shadows I have which are with other colours that I do suit so if I want to put certain shadows from various palettes/duos etc I have to bring all of them and that takes up a lot of room in my bag. 

But recently because of the gorgeous Jen from FrmHeadToToe I recently discovered something that I am seriously in love with and wish I had, something that would be a solution to my eye shadow woes and that would be the Unii Palette!!! :D 
From Unii Comestics website.

From Unii Comestics website.
From Unii Comestics website.
This is a really simplistic yet great looking magnetic palette where you remove your eye shadows from their pots and cases and you apply some of the magnetic strip to the back of your eye shadows and place them in this case. 
You can carry all your favourite eye shadows in the one palette!!! :D
It's even deep enough to hold your eye brushes if you have enough room.
 I mean how amazing does that sound! 
It currently comes in 6 gorgeous colours, I personally drawn the the Lavender and Turquoise options! 
From Unii Comestics website.
These bad boys are currently selling at $27

I want one so badly <(>.<)>!!!!!

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