Saturday, 14 April 2012

Checking in. <(^-^)>

I found this cute little idea online for for dairy entries/ blog posts and I thought it looked like fun so why not give it a try, so here we go:

  1. Listening: First Day of My Life by Bright Eyes (^-^) amazing song that is featured in on of my favourite movies ever!                           
  2. Eating: Chicken chow mein and some chips for dinner, yum!
  3. Drinking: Diet coke, haven't had it in ages! How I've missed you *takes a sentimental sip*
  4. Wearing: Black leggings , a plain white strappy top, black and pink heart fuzzy socks, purple fluffy slipper boots, favourite blue and white over sized braided bracelet (it's over sized as it's supposed to be for men xD) and over sized Ireland rugby shirt. Comfy clothing for a comfy evening in. 
  5. Feeling: Tired as I was at a concert last night but happy (^-^) Not worried yet about the substantially large school workload due Monday that I haven't done
  6. Weather: Sunny with clear skies but still cold, oh a nice evening in Spring for Northern Ireland xD                 
    The fabulous four whos fashion and shoes I envy with a passion
    and hope to someday have!
  7. Wanting: Some of the ice cream cake that my sister has made. Looks soo good!
  8. Needing: A white mocha but have no coffee shops close by. (¬-¬) I'm not getting a bus into town just for coffee.
  9. Thinking: Should really be doing my homework instead of getting ready to have a Sex and the City mini marathon.      
  10. Enjoying: This evening so far, in some of my comfiest clothes, have just finished an nommy dinner and am going to have a Sex and the City mini marathon. May even make some Nutella hot chocolate as well <(^-^)> A good night planned for a Saturday
    night in!
SOOO Scrumptious!!! Especially with whipped cream and marshmallows!
 What's your check in?

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