Sunday, 25 March 2012

Music & a bit about The Hunger Games

Everybody loves music or atleast some type/genre of music, if you don't I personally think theres something a little wrong with you! I love all types of music but my main favourite would be alternative, indie, rock type music, I do like pop here and there but those types of music always appeal to me more. I love Maroon 5, they are amazing artists and I could listen to them all day long. I have been a huge fan of there stuff ever since I was very young and sometimes didn't always understand the songs themselves xD
I recently saw The Hunger Games movie and I loved it and then I saw all the artists that would be featured on the soundtrack (well more like a companion album as none of the songs are featured in the movie apart from a couple during the credits.) I fell in love.

I downloaded it off amazon as soon as I could and I haven't stopped listening to it since. When I had first heard the first song 'Safe and Sound' by Taylor Swift and The Civils Wars when it was released earlier this year, I found the song to be amazing, I like Taylor Swifts songs but this one is amazing, it's so different from her usual stuff and with the undertones from the Civil Wars just made to song, its fantastic! So after hearing this song I had really high hopes for this album, I was so happy that it fitted everything I would have hoped for this soundtrack. It's so unique and really fits The Hunger Games, admittedly most of the songs are similar in its dark, despiring mood but there are those few songs that stand out. The songs all feel like they are meant either specifically for certain scenes or that they are made for certain places, for example Kid Cudi's song 'The Ruler and The Killer' is obviously a song from the viewpoint of President Snow himself.
But my favourite song off the whole soundtrack has to be Marron 5's 'Come Away To The Water'. This is a really different song for Maroon 5 and Adam Levine's vocals are haunting and and the music makes the song unworldy. It's a song that is so obviously from the viewpoint of one of the other contestants like Cato waiting to kill Katniss "Come away litte lamb, Come away to the slaughter" It's the song that definitely is most played on
 my ipod at the moment.
The albums producer T-Bone Burnett did a fantastic job with this album and made it a real tribute to The Hunger Games Franchise. :)

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