Sunday, 16 March 2014

The Sunday Post: Connection Problems and Coffee.

Today I'm in need of three things; my bed, House of Cards and a giant mug of coffee. Last night was a party for my Dad's 50th and I had a couple drinks, I like a good Gin Fizz, and while I behaved myself I'm still pretty tired. Today was supposed to involve me doing 3 things;
  • Finish essay work
  • Do your laundry
  • Clean your room..again.

That included me actually getting up and taking care of this list, however I instead slept in til just before 12, had coffee at my grandmothers, watched Hitchcock's Rear Window and only did one thing productive which was change my bed sheets while my laptop once again refused to cooperate with me! *sobs*.

This week was a busy enough one, I had classes as usual but highlights include purchasing new makeup (The eyeliner however I lost..well done Niamh), a little Lakeland and Starbucks trip with my mom, going out with one of my best friends C on Tuesday night (felt a little sensitive the next day), celebrating my dad's 50th with him on Thursday and last night, and seeing C and Erin again when they surprised me at home Friday night.  

I also made 2 new discoveries this week, (pictures on my personal instagram feed)  a food/drinking place and a coffee place. The bar is called Alley Cat just out of Victoria Square in Belfast and it makes some of the best cocktails served in tea pots I have ever had! And the coffee place, Established was introduced to me by a guy in my class, and I swear it serves some of the best coffee I have ever had. I'll have to introduce you to them ;)

My one annoyance this week, my connection issues. The actual wireless internet in my home works perfectly fine, however my laptop is a little on the old side and doesn't always get on with the wireless, this has prevented me uploading blog posts, and having my unviewed blog posts and YouTube videos further build up. It seems to be behaving itself today so I'm going get a couple posts written up before it refuses to cooperate me again..

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