Monday, 17 March 2014

Beauty: The Brow Post

My eyebrows are a big part of my make up routine, whether I'm wearing no make up, minimal or a full face, my eyebrows are always groomed or filled in. I like my brows fuller, very Cara Delevingne, I hate thin brows, I just seem to have a real dislike for them. 
Now while I haven't fully perfected my eyebrows to my preference in shape ( I shape my eyebrows myself, I don't fully trust somebody else to do it yet.) I do however use these products to sort out the bad boys and I couldn't live without them.

Brow Pencil: This is where I would recommend anyone to start when it comes to brows, its easy to draw hairs into sparser areas, helps shape the brows and it does the job for everyday. I personally like the Rimmel Professional Brow Pencil in Dark Brown or Hazel. The Hazel for more lighter, more natural brow days and Dark Brown for the days I want my brows to make more of a statement. These are good as they come in a range of colours and they also come with a handy little brush on the lid, but I also love the bareMinerals Brow Pencil in Universal Taupe. This is a fine pencil liner that my mum introduced me to, which I have tried and failed to steal off of her. I adore this pencil for my brows, it makes my eyebrows stand out all the while still on the natural looking side, its a bit on the pricier side but its worth it.

Powder Shadow: This is good for when I'm spending a little more time on my brows, its perfect for filling in brows with a more statement shape, if the right colour is used. I tend to use this form more for going out at night with Maybellines' Eyestudio Shadow in Chocolate Chic and using my Smashbox Angled Brush (No. 12). This brush is good for creating the brow look I love with minimal effort.

Brow Gel: This form tends to be my lazy, no to minimal make up days, I would use Maybellines' Brow Drama in Medium Brown either on top of a brow pencil on a more made up face day or on it's own on a minimal make up day. On it's own I wouldn't say it does a lot of "drama" to my brows which its name suggests, however it does do its job. 

What is your brow routine like? What are your favourite products to tame the bad boys?

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