Sunday, 16 February 2014

The Sunday..Life Update

*crawls out of dark hole*

Its been a while.. an over 3 months while since my last post..
Things got hectic with Christmas, assignment deadlines, seeing friends, work etc and blogging got put away to the back of the pile. 
Warning this is gonna be a pretty photo heavy post.
A lot of things happened, like the Christmas Market coming back to Belfast in November. Lots of great stalls, gorgeous fairy lights strung all over the place, amazing food and in the German beer tent, some of the best Mango and Strawberry beer I've ever tasted and I don't even like beer normally. 

The Welsh hog roast was ridiculously tasty.
The rest of November and December was spent in a flurry of assignments and classes, work being busy as Hell due to the hectic holiday period, buying presents for Christmas for friends and family, and a cheeky wee first time Mac purchase for myself, I'm now obsessed with Mac. I was also catching up with the girls who were back home from Uni, then the actual Christmas and New Years holidays. 
January was another busy month for assignments and classes, but also for birthdays, lots of my friends have birthdays in January, I myself turned 19 and this blog had its 2nd birthday on the 27th. I also got my hair cut and spent a lot of January catching up with a couple close friends whom I barely got to see. Me and a best friend went to see Frozen, such a brilliant Disney movie! I'm obsessed, we had went for lunch before and it was a good day until I found out said friend had already seen it without me.... was not amused. 
Cheeky bitch.

February so far has been another busy month for assignments until recently, I got my ear pierced again and spent time catching up with friends and being taken for surprise trips to our favourite bar by them, a bit of baking. I went to see The Scottish Ballet preforming Hansel and Gretal in The Grand Opera House, it was absolutely amazing! 

And of course I spent the all of those months drinking copious amounts of coffee, what else would you expect of me?

That is a very summarised version of the past couple of months and I thought about now doing updates weekly from now on, if you's would be interested? 
Now that you all know I'm still alive, I have to go and finish arranging details of lunch with the girls tomorrow. 
Still not used to writing down 2014.. Hope you've all had a good past couple of months! 

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