Friday, 21 February 2014

MAC's Lipstick in 'Blankety'

A while ago back in December, my friend Cush got back from Uni in Bristol for the Christmas holidays so of course a little coffee date between us was in the books.
I, of course as my close friends know, was running slightly late again, and as I scuttled through the drizzle that is normal for Northern Ireland, finally arrived at our destination.

After a lot of squealing and bear hugs, which lasted possibly longer than a normal amount of time, we headed inside Starbucks, where the smell of freshly brewing coffee filled our noses and warmth and chatter of people welcomed us. 
After spending god knows how long sipping on Caramel Macchiatos, chattering away about how our lives had been recently, the chaos of Christmas shopping and what her life was now like in Bristol. However when she finished her coffee, the gorgeous red lipstick she was wearing was of course now more on the coffee cup than her lip, this colour turned out to be MAC's Ruby Woo. So after her raving about her love for the MAC products she owns, saying the price tag was totally worth what you got, we decided to dander off to the MAC counter in Debenhams where I picked up this beauty.
MAC's Blankety is a gorgeous pink beige colour from their Amplified Creme lipstick line. 
I'm in love.
It's the perfect nude, not too pale, not to pink, just the perfect colour for everyday or for night with a dark or smokey eye. The photos don't show how gorgeous the colour is because of the lighting, it makes it look a lot browner than it is in reality.
Its lasting power is a good 5 hours I've found, except when applied straight before entering a Starbucks or Caffe Nero haha.
It's gorgeous butt is permanently in my handbag right now as I haven't found a nude lip quite like it. 
Cush you've certainly started a love affair, I'm thinking maybe Syrup will be next in my MAC collection...
My purse is gonna hate me.

MAC's Blankety - £15 

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