Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Pact Coffee

As you can tell just from the title of my blog me and coffee have a love that no one I know will ever understand. I like all types of coffee and am always interested in trying new flavours and varieties. I discovered Pact Coffee, a London based coffee company while roaming the internet and started to sign up but me solely relying on my part time job as income I can't be affording to spend over a fiver on a pack of coffee so I clicked off. However after receiving an email from the lovely people at Pact offering me a discount code which would provide me with a 100g bag for free, who was I to resist? 
It was really simply to use, they ask you for the usual details and then they ask you for your coffee brewing preferences (I use a cafetiere/french press, whatever you want to call it) and they suggest to you a flavour they will send based on those preferences. They then tell you when it will be sent and when it should arrive.
The website was super easy to use and delivery was so quick.
This coffee actually tastes amazing! The smell alone, as I opened the package it arrived in was enough to have me running to my kitchen to try out this bad boy!
Pact suggested I try Finca San Antonio "Dark chocolate, tangy blackberries and caramel with an earthy, smooth body"
It's not too sweet like the caramel and chocolate would lead you to believe but its not bitter, its smooth and has great flavour. Its good quality stuff and you can really taste that! 

If you want to get some coffee from Pact or simply want to buy some filter coffee (I would suggest Taylors of Harrogate) to test out in that french press you may have lying around at home or that once belonged to your parents, they are actually simple enough to use.
Just boil your water, then leave it for a minute after boiling. For a single cup french press like the one I have, add about 3 table spoons of coffee then add your hot water, stir the grounds if any float on the top. Leave to brew for 4 minutes, then slowly push the plunger down, pour into your favourite mug and indulge!
*I was not sponsored by Pact in anyway to write this post. 

*Update: A couple days ago after writing this post the lovely Felix from The Pact Coffee Company emailed me offering me the chance to give you guys a voucher code as a thanks for writing up this post. 
All you have to do is go to Pact's website, put in the voucher code "LOVELYLATTE" and you'll get your first bag of coffee for only £1 including free shipping. 
If you do check them out, let me know below what you thought of your coffee!

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