Tuesday, 13 August 2013

What's in my // Clutch - Daytime edition -

As you previously saw in my last post I made a clutch from and old bag, so this post is about my essentials I would keep in my clutch for everyday use. 

My purse // It's from Primark and I love the stud detailing.
My IPod // I literally can't live without it on me, what if I need my music or Candy Crush!
My Phone // Obvious reasoning behind that.
My Keys // It holds multiple key-rings and my adored Starbucks card.
My Inhaler // Can't be too careful 
Hand Sanitizer // Picked up this little baby in Tescos for under a pound, I can be a bit of a germ freak and I love the smell of aloe vera.
Hand Cream // Hand sanitizer can be really drying on the hands, and this Cath Kidston stuff smells beautiful!
Tissues // I have hayfever, these are a life saver.
Hair Clip // For when the mane gets too wild. 
A Pen // You never know when you'll need one! 
A Mirror // For make up checks and reapplication. 
My Kindle // For reading on the train/bus/ in Starbucks.
Lip Balm // Currently using Vaseline's Cocoa Butter one, its amazing! 
Lipstick // Currently in between for everyday Laura Gellar's Banana Berry and Gosh's Cappuccino (I even love lipstick named after coffee..) 
Perfume // Today its a Juicy one, not sure which one it was a gift from a friend.

What are your everyday clutch essentials? 

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