Friday, 2 August 2013

Dublin // Day 2 & Final Morning

Following a very late night with a couple drunken antics involving my dear self, falling into the bin in our room and giggling to myself wasn't my finest moment of the trip..  and after some much needed sleep we woke up ready to start a new day, some of us bright and breezy and some of us not so much... 
So after a good shower, we put on our faces, cheery moods, grabbed our essentials and made our way down the cobble stone streets for some much needed sustenance and for me a very strong coffee. 

The girls introduced me to this gorgeous little place that they had been for breakfast the previous morning called Elephant & Castle. I wish I had taken photos of the interior, it was gorgeous, and with the sun shining in on our little corner it was just glorious!
The food was good, the staff were really lovely and friendly and I must say they made an amazing cappuccino, I give them a 8 for their coffee making standards! 
Definitely visit this place if you ever in Dublin, is located here.
We spent ages in there with the sun shining in on our backs, discussing and laughing at the prior nights antics, and while some us of nursed hangovers and indulged in the goodies the place had to offer, we arranged the plans for the day.

We decided that while a couple of our group would meet up with a couple of nice guys we became friendly with, the others would go shopping so we once again took to the cobble stones and winding streets and made our way to all the shops via O'Connell Street. 
Of course we did the stereotypical tourist thing and snap photos of the city and ourselves. 
Some lovely ones...
...and some not so lovely ones.

All the while we laughed and chatted and said about which shops we would head to, all the while I was not able to hide my hangover as well as others.. Where were the sunglasses when I needed them to hide my tired looking eyes xD 

After a while of window browsing, a couple demonstrations of products by the guys in Lush, shopping the Zara sale!!! I'm actually in love with the Zara in Dublin, and a much needed  caffeine stop at Starbucks, the previous night and the heat finally started to take its toll, and we dragged our sleepy selves back through the busy Irish streets to our hostel for lazy afternoon to fully recover. 

We ended up having quick catnaps and a bunch of silly jokes and games, we played one of my personal favourites 'Inky, Pinky, Ponky, Wonky' which the other girls got a little too in to it and a little hyper over. 
As the evidence shows, I definitely was in need of that nap..

When the other girls arrived back, we fixed ourselves a bit and headed out to this little Italian place that you wouldn't find if it wasn't for the sign pointing out it's existence. I can't remember its name, but boy they did great pasta. Dinner was then followed by a walk back to the hostel where we dolled ourselves up for the night and once again took to the streets for a few drinks because it was our last night in Dublin. 
The photos stop from the afternoon once again as I forgot to carry my camera on me at all times, and for my dear self after a few events and annoying occurrences, I along with Erin and Claire ended up back at our hostel, we didn't mind as we were all so tired and not in the partying mood. Instead we decided to go for a walk to find a nice place to pick up a bite to eat, so we headed out into the late hours of the night, just soaking up the atmosphere and noticing just how incredibly full of life Dublin is at night and not just around the bars, we ended up at this little food place grabbing what was a mediocre slice of pizza being kind about it but I surprisingly really good coffee, before heading once again back to our hostel to pack our bags and catch an early night for our early morning departure. 
I may have gotten and earlier night than some of our group but I definitely was drained of energy, some of us were definitely chirpier than I felt they should have been. 

After putting away the final things in our bags and clearing up our room, we checked out of the hostel, made our way down once again to Elephant & Castle for brunch and to waste time before our 1pm train departure. The staff were really lovely for putting up with 6 oversized pieces of luggage taking up part of the room while we had breakfast, I myself just had toast and a black, very sugary coffee. 
Finally we made our way to the train station, scrambled onto the train, made ourselves comfy and spent 2 hours watching beautiful scenery pass us by, chatted away and laughed at our experiences and the fun we had down in Dublin and we all felt a wave of emotion pass over us because our trip was over and while we had such an amazing time, we would miss it but it was great to be home again. 
And to have sunshine too but that only lasted for a day. 
Typical british weather. 

So Dublin, for us it's not a goodbye but simply a see you soon buddy. 
Well done for putting up with us crazy kids, you haven't seen the last of us!

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