Monday, 12 August 2013

DIY // Old Handbag into a Clutch

I have a confession..
I'm a hoarder of all things, seriously just ask any of my friends of family. I'm serious I have cinema tickets from 2009...
But what I'm especially bad with is clothes and bags.
Even if I never wear/use them I'm that girl that's mindset is, I may need it in the future!! 
This handbag I have had for ages, it was previously my sisters and when she finally surrendered it to me I was in heaven! I love the colour, all the pockets the bag was just wonderful to me, but bags start to come to that stage where they just look beaten up and not in a good way like a book does after being a little manhandled!
The tears in the material just looked bad and even though my bag still had a few years in it the
bag just looked awful, so in all of my boredom today, a idea just sprang to my head. 
I have been wanting a giant clutch bag for ages and with just a little cutting and some stitching I knew I could make a nice clutch and still get to keep my lovely bag.

After a couple hours of pricked fingers and hard labour I finished and I really like what I have done, it was so easy and simple and now I have an amazing, incredibly roomy clutch bag that didn't cost me a penny!
Have you ever been so sentimental you just couldn't part with it? Have you ever done something like this? This was really simple to do, I'd encourage you to do this yourself with any of your old handbags! 

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