Friday, 12 July 2013

TV Favourite // The Fall

The last time I reviewed a TV series was over a year ago, and I know its been a few weeks since this series ended but I'm only getting around to reviewing it now. 
God this was seriously good, it had me hooked from the very beginning!
The Fall, created by Allan Cubitt is a British crime-drama following Gillian Andersons' character Stella Gibson a senior police officer brought into Belfast following a string of murders. 
I had actually heard of this series before it had even aired as it was filmed in my home town of Belfast and some of the scenes were shot in the area close to my home. 
It was familiar yet alien to me as I recognised the places yet they seemed so different! 
So when you hear the overall plot you're like "Another crime-drama? like we haven't had enough of those." I love how this one makes itself unique as it shows not only shows the side you would see in every other crime drama but you also get to see into the life of the serial killer himself. 
I loved this concept as you got to see into his life and what he does, you learn more about him, he is not just seen as the murder but you see him as both the monster and and the loving family man. I love Jamie Dornan in this, he is a former underwear model with serious natural talent when it comes to acting. You may have seen him before if you have seen the Once Upon a Time tv series as the charming, gorgeous sheriff of the town, but he's certainly not Sheriff Graham here but It's definitely difficult not to become emotionally conflicted while watching his character Paul Spector. While he may be a creepy serial killer whom we want to get caught who admittedly is charismatic yet arrogant, but he's also a hottie with a body, which elicited some pervy comments from my own mother, and he's also a family man who genuinely seems to care about his family, even his daughter who seems to be unconsciously aware of what Daddy's been up to, shown through her drawings. 
But Dornans' characters evil is definitely balanced out by Andersons cool Stella Gibson, whos not only trying to catch a killer, but battling the typicality of the objectification of women not only in her work place but in her personal life too.
 A quote I love from the series is "the media loves to divide women into virgins and vamps" an idea her very character tries to fight against.
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This show however is not for the faint hearted, when I say you see into Dornans' characters life, I mean you see every inch of it, from his time with his family, to his plotting and actual act of his murders, there are parts of The Fall that came close to being too horrible & graphic to watch yet there is such wit and depth to it, it wouldn't elicit the same reaction from you if it had been left out nor would it have been the same.
I literally can not put into words how much I loved this show, the script, the way it was shot, the acting, the plot of finding the murderer with the subplot of sectarianism, drugs, sleaze and corruption in the police force, it was just frankly amazing! You seriously need to check it out for yourself as if you love a good crime drama, you will gorge out on this!
 It's a pity the second season won't start filming till January 2014 as I need more now!!!

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