Monday, 1 July 2013

Review // Gelaskins Kindle Skin

I'll admit, when the Kindle first came out, I was one of those people that turned their nose up at it , that it wasn't the same as reading with the physical book in your hands, that it didn't have that old/new book smell etc etc, you get my point. 

Then my best friend got me one for my 18th and I actually really love it, yes I still love buying and reading a physical book in my hands, but a kindle makes reading that little bit easier especially when your travelling and don't wat to be weighed down with books. 
However my Kindle in my opinion looks a little dull, I should really get a cover for it but for the moment I decided to get a skin for it, just to give it a pop of colour! I  needed one that was: 
A) Nice looking &
B) Cheap
I'm a poor, 18 year old, with no money and no job, I have to save what I have!
And by luck I found something that ticked those boxes!
I adore my Kindle skin!!
I got the Gelaskins 'Almond Branches in Bloom' by Van Gogh skin, as it's one of my favourite paintings by him and I love it.
I bought it through an eBay seller for only £5!! Thats brilliant for the price of a kindle skin as some can be very expensive! The quality of the print is fantastic and it fits the size of my Kindle perfectly, you would believe that it only cost me a fiver altogether. So was it nice-looking like you wanted? Tick Was it cheap? Tick 
It's brilliant and delivery was very quick, over all I'm really impressed and if I was buying Kindle skins for anyone I'd recommend it most definitely!
Currently reading North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell
Do any of you prefer kindles to books and have you got a nice cover/skin for it?

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  1. Your cover is gorgeous! Mine is just a plain leather one, a bit boring... ha! But i love my kindle so much <3 xx