Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Dublin // Day 1

*This is just a short post on my first evening heading to/time spent in Dublin, as if I summarised the weekend in one post it would be far too long, the next post has a lot more photos from the rest of the trip.

After dealing with children for a week, I may have been a little tired but after popping home to fetch my bags, I raced over to the train station to meet the lovely Erin, one of my closest friends for years, and boarded our train heading for the city of Dublin. 
The 2 hour train journey gave me a chance sort out my handbag as shown as all my things wouldn't fit in my luggage such things including my camera battery charger and a random belt...

The journey also gave me a chance to catch up with Erin, it's nice to actually be with your friends instead of just having phone calls. 
We chatted, laughed, shared ear buds to listen to music by Hunter Hayes and various other artists. I was also force fed the new One Direction video.. and we even saved a womans bag of purchases that she left on the train, I managed to get them back to the woman and her daughter just in the nick of time before the train took off. 
I'll admit I felt like a ninja.. 
We even shared a surprisingly good beef burger covered in bacon, who would have thought a train would serve a burger whose quality was by far better than McDonalds and it's a train! 
I wanted to eat it all by myself, but sharing is caring!
A very tired, messy haired, coffee addict who wondered where the hell the coffee cart was?
The images of the first night stop with the train as the lovely ladies we were joining in Dublin informed us we were heading straight onto a bar crawl that only cost €12 as soon as we arrived, so I literally had only enough time to dump my luggage and grab my purse, unfortunately forgetting my camera in the process. 
Although it may have been for the best, for as we made new acquaintances and moved about the pubs/bars, the alcohol flowed, the music played and the alcohol infused debates began, this time it involved me and Claire arguing over which Steinbeck novel was better, the argument ended with an agreement to disagree on the subject and to have another drink! 
 I ended up quite rosy cheeked and incredibly giggly, by the end of the night I found myself giggling on the floor of our hostel much to the amusement of the girls!
I blame the free shots offered by the places we went to..

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