Monday, 24 June 2013

Recipe // Philadelphia, Honey & Walnut Dip

So about that posting more often.... 
Yeah its not going as expected but I will try and I know, another recipe post but I simply had to share this beauty!
This is something my Mum introduced me, last Thursday when I was feeling a little sensitive after drinking at a friends house that night before.
Rum and Fanta is a great combination but not in large quantities.. 

So this dip was a little comfort for my hangover and it only requires 3 ingredients; 

-Walnut Pieces
- And honey.

Thats it  and all you need to do is put the Philadelphia in a bowl, add some walnuts and add drizzles of honey, taste test it and if it's not sweet enough for you, just add more honey till you get it right.

It's seriously that simple and it tastes so good, my personal preference of eating this with lightly salted tortilla chips and a big glass of Elderflower Sparkling Water. 
Perfect, relaxing, hangover-comforting night treat!
That with a side of The Breakfast Club, such a film!

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