Monday, 24 June 2013

Haul // Collective Findings

During June I have collected items here or there by themselves but the amount was always too small to be worthy of its own haul post so this is a collective haul or things I have gather over the past month. 

For beauty products I seem to be very eye bias this time around, I bought, finally, the Maybelline 24 hr Color Tattoo in 'On and On Bronze' or 'Bad to the Bronze' for the American audience. So far I'm really happy with this product, pigmentation is fantastic yet still testing it for duration. I picked this up for £4 in Tescos.
The other eye product I purchased was this cute eyeshadow palette from Primark for only £2, I love all the colours, which is a new for me as I never really fond of shimmery eyeshadows. The pigmantation isn't fantastic but buildable, so I can't complain I got what I paid for!

 I picked up this cute ring in a charity shop for 50p. It has designs including a bird, and a leaf on it, this isn't a ring I would typically go for but there was something about it I just couldn't resist 
We all have had a moment like that! 
This watch is from River Island, originally my sister bought this for £28, however she seemed to be taking a reaction to the metal or so as her wrist started to look irritated, so she sold it to me for £20, I haven't taken it off since, I love men's watches and I love the chunkiness and the colours of this one. 

I also purchased both these books for a £1 all together from my churches books stall, I chose 'The Somnambulist' by Essie Fox and 'Metrostop Paris' by Gregor Dallas. 
The Somnambulist is about; 
'When seventeen-year-old Phoebe Turner visits Wilton's Music Hall to watch her Aunt Cissy performing on stage, she risks the wrath of her mother Maud who marches with the Hallelujah Army, campaigning for all London theatres to close. While there, Phoebe is drawn to a stranger, the enigmatic Nathaniel Samuels, who heralds dramatic changes in the lives of all three women.
When offered the position of companion to Nathaniel's reclusive wife, Phoebe leaves her life in London's East End for Dinwood Court in Herefordshire - a house that may well be haunted and which holds the darkest of truths...
While Metrostop Paris talks about; 
'The name of every Parisian metro station tells a story. In Metrostop Paris Gregor Dallas recounts a series of extraordinary but true tales about the city as he leads his readers around the metro. Both the armchair traveller and the visitor wil enjoy an illuminating journey in the company of a compelling storyteller and veteran of the city.
The book includes visits to Paris catacombs at Hell's Gate, the literary caf?s and old jazz cellars of Montparnasse and Saint-Germain-des-Pres and the seventeenth-century alleys of the Marais, along with trips to the Palais-Royal at the time of the Revolution and the world of opera during Claude Debussy's lifetime. Through the eyes of the existentialist philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre, Dallas describes the German occupation of Paris during the Second World War and the intellectual wars that immediately followed. A visit to the futuristic Cit de la Science at La Villette prompts the story of the Marquis de Mor?s, the French cowboy and anti-semite, who was eventually murdered by tribesmen of the Sahara Desert in 1896. Outside the Jesuit church of Saint-Paul Dallas tells us about Gabriel de Montgomery, forgotten ancestor of Montgomery of Alamein, who accidentally killed his king just there and, after leading the Protestant armies against Catherine de Medicis, was executed on the Place de Gr?ve. This exciting journey through time and space concludes at the P?re Lachaise Cemetery with the unknown tale of Oscar Wilde's strange'involvement in the Dreyfus Affair, the greatest legal scandal of all time.'
 I'm most looking forward to read Metrostop Paris and I adore the cover art immensely!

And lastly I bought a Gelaskins Kindle skin from eBay for only £5 including the post and packaging. The quality of the products is brilliant for only £5 especially when you see them selling for £15 and up for some on Amazon. I bought the design 'Almond Branches in Bloom' it' originally painted by Vincent van Gogh, how could I resist putting my favourite painting on my kindle!

So have you purchased or found any products or items that you love this month? 

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