Thursday, 30 May 2013

Beauty // Nail Care Routine

In my previous beauty post, I did a NOTD showing off the new colour I was wearing, previously I had been wearing 'Inkjet' by Leighton Denny and every time I change nail colour or if I feel my nails need a little TLC I always do my nail care routine. I have quite dry, brittle nails that break easily but I find doing a nail care routine helps prevent that damage from occurring.

*The lighting in the photos wasn't great so excuse the quality of the photo or the fact it makes my hand look dirty at some points.

So I start off by removing my old nail polish, Leighton Denny's 'Inkjet' using the Sally Hanson Moisturising Polish Remover with Pro-vitamin B5, Vitamin E and Aloe Vera for dry, brittle nails. This nail polish remover, is the kindest one I have ever used for my nails, it has made my nails look healthier. I remove the colour using a ball of cotton wool as I personally find it works better and is more effective, also I can take off all of the colour on both hands with just the one! 

Next I cut, if necessary, and file my nails to get them down to the size and shape I like. Remember when filing your nails, don't move the nail file back and forth, this can actually cause the nails to become brittle and break more easily.
I also clean out the trapped dirt and residue under my nails using a nail cleaner (the sharp metal part found on some nail clippers) and/or soap and a nail brush to make sure the nails are thoroughly clean.

Then I use my OPI Avoplex Nail & Cuticle Replenishing Oil to help condition and strengthen my nails, just the treatment they need to keep them healthy and strong. 

Once I have let the replenishing oil work it's magic, I follow it up with my Cath Kidston Wild Rose hand cream to moisturise my hands and I also rub this into my nails as well to give them that extra condition. 

Now I'm left with healthier, shiny looking nails. I actually did this on Sunday, but I left my nails bare until Monday just to give my nails a breather, taking off one colour and immediately applying a new colour, or just applying a new colour on top of an old one is actually really bad for your nails and can cause them to be brittle and can also cause discolouration. Letting your nails breathe is a good thing to do in between polishes.  

Hope your having a good week so far! 

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