Sunday, 19 May 2013

Beauty // 5 Favourite Spring/Summer Nail Polishes.

(From L-R; Leighton Denny in 'Supermodel', Accessorize nail polish in 'Amethyst', Nails Inc; Limited Edition 'Hyde Park Gate', Rimmel Lycra Pro in 'Heart On Fire' & Revlon Colorstay in 'Indigo Night') 

Revlon Colorstay in 'Indigo Night'  
This is one of my favourite blue nail varnishes that I own, however for some reason it keeps appearing in my sisters bedroom.. 
I love this colour it's great everyday blue to wear, and it was completely opaque in one thickish coat and it doesn't chip sometimes for up to a week however I add top coat to make it last even longer.

Rimmel Lycra Pro in 'Heart On Fire'
This is a nice bright red, brighter than it appears in the photos, I'm not usually one to go for a bright red, my collection of red polishes all tend to be quite dark but I just loved this one the instant I saw it. So did my sister apparently as this is another one that keeps disappearing into her room.. 
This has a good colour turn out after a couple of coats and it has the promise of lasting up to ten days, this isn't usually the case for me however if I haven't added a top coat to it.

Nails Inc; Limited Edition 'Hyde Park Gate'
I love Nails Inc polishes, some of my favourite colours are from them, including this one. This isn't a colour I would normally go for, it's a neon green that was a limited edition polish that my mother actually bought last year and gave to me after having an allergic reaction to it. The issue with this polish from them is the formulation isn't great, it takes a couple to 3 coats to actually get the colour opaque and definitely requires a top coat if I want it to not chip. 

Accessorize nail polish in 'Amethyst
This is definitely one of my favourites and most worn during the Spring/Summer season, it's a nice light purple colour that I adore. The price is good as the polishes are relatively cheap and they have  huge selection of colours, the formula for them is good too as it only takes one and a half to a couple thin coats to e completely opaque and it lasts a good four days on it's own without top coat.

Leighton Denny in 'Supermodel'
I adore Leighton Denny nail polishes, I'm so glad my mum has an addiction for them especially as they are a formula she can use, my mother has an allergy to one of the ingredients commonly used in nail polishes so she has to be careful otherwise a reaction can cause he sin to get really red, sore and flakey :/ 
I nicked this one off of her as I love it, it's a great nudey brown colour for everyday wear, the formulation is great, it's completely opaque in one coat, however they recommend 2 thin coats to reduce chipping and extend wear time, it's definitely my go to nude this Spring/Summer!!

Those are my favourite colours for this season, what are yours?

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  1. Supermodel is absolutely gorgeous <3 <3 I am definitely adding that to my collection! We've done a Spring Nail Polish post on our blog too, please check it out if you get the chance :) xoxo