Friday, 15 February 2013

Life Update

For over a week I have been very quiet on the blogging front. 
I'm sorry :/ 
This was because of various things all happening in the one time in my life, which has pretty much preoccupied my time. 
For starters my family was over visiting from England until Tuesday so I was spending as much time with them as I possibly could! I also had my first art unit due in on the Monday so I was having to complete that in time and last but not least I was also getting ready and attending my friend from childhoods school formal with him. 
I had such a fantastic night and was very impressed with myself actually getting my outfit for the night and make up sorted within the 2 very short weeks he provided me with!
As that is all out of the way I'll be trying to blog more regularly again

On an awesome friend note, my best friend gave me my birthday present quite late (over a month) and I was so shocked that she had gotten me a Kindle as she knows I love reading and how this makes carrying books everywhere much less difficult especially if travelling. 
I've already downloaded so many books onto it and am currently looking for a good cover or skin for it.
She has demanded best friend of the year award for this xD

So hows life been for you? 
Has it been more exilharating than mine has? 

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