Saturday, 12 January 2013

Haul // My Birthday

I said I'd do a haul on all the things I got for my birthday on my birthday post and it's coming a week late but forgive me, I've been having problems with my camera so I've had to resort to my iPod (apologises for the camera quality) and I have been revising for resits so I've had to prioritise.
I just want to state this is not me bragging, I love seeing these kind of things on blogs and on Youtube and I wanted to do it myself.

I'm not much of a girl that is able to be specific about what she wants for her birthday, I'm that awkward one that when it comes to her birthday I don't know what I want so I never ask for anything. I also love the surprise of it! :) There's not a lot to photograph as an 18th birthday is one where you mostly get money and I don't particularly want to take shots of money, but I love and adore every single thing my family and others got me! :) 

My relatives from England got me this gorgeous silver heart necklace, which I adore, its so simple and not fussy and it's definitely very me. 
However my immediate family were so generous to me and got my such lovely things, like the photo above shows the nail art they got me. It's so cool it makes your nails look like denim being unzipped and I want to use them so badly but I don't want to as I want to keep them xD

They also got me this gorgeous blazer, it's not something I would immediately pick up myself but I just love the material and the way it sits on me, I can't wait to get out and wear it more.

This top is also something I wouldn't normally pick up but I  like it's print of crosses, it's cool  and I'm trying to be more adventurous with my wardrobe and this is something I love having in it.

My mum loves wearing quirky and 'blingy' pieces of jewellery and accessories as she describes, she's especially fond of the company Butler and Wilson, she had previously got me a panda necklace from here and I love it, and I love this necklace just as much, it is such a statement necklace which i will love dressing an outfit up with. 

My sister got me this really pretty bracelet from Amanti, I love this bracelet, I practically haven't taken it off since I got it, I love the colours, the design and the lovely little charms. It's already one of my favourite pieces of jewellery.

I adore Willow Tree figures, the simplicity of them just makes them gorgeous, we're a big Willow Tree fan in my house. My aunt, uncle and cousins got my the 'Forget Me Not' Willow Tree figure and I adore it, and I love that I finally have one of my own. 
(Which my mother keeps threatening to steal..)

A friend from school got me a really cute hot air balloon necklace from Accessorize and Brokeback Mountain, as she finds it a travesty that I have not seen it. I'm starting to understand why I mean it has eye candy like Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger.

Also my sisters boyfriends mother, got me this lovely keyring as the birthday present he apparently got for me is still in the post. I totally didn't expect presents from them and it was such a lovely, thoughtful idea of them. 

And finally my mothers best friend got me this gorgeous bracelet and dangling earrings from Argento, they are absolutely stunning and can't wait to wear them properly!

I would once again like to clarify I'm not bragging at all. 
Do you like these kind of posts, please let me know and/or if you have any other type of posts you'd like to see. 

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