Monday, 7 January 2013

Happy Birthday To Me!!!

Hey! I turned 18 yesterday. 

Home-made birthday cake courtesy of my mother :)
Legally I'm now an adult but I'm still a complete child at heart xD
It's scary to think a long while ago I was this little chubster! and looked a bit like a boy..

Yesterday started off with walking out of my bedroom to banners, balloons and my family gathered round with presents and cards and my mothers phone ready for a Facebook photo upload.. this is typical of my mother. 
I then proceeded to unwrap amazing presents from my family, and throw a coffee down my throat before I was forced out to church. 
Was a fun, a bit quirky birthday morning in my opinion!

Unfortunately as I have resits coming up I couldn't do anything big for my birthday so it was a lazy sunday/ birthday consisting of prezzies, relaxation, cake, and indian food for dinner. 
It may not seem to be an amazing way to spend your 18th but its the little things that are sometimes the sweetest in life. 

P.s. I'll do a birthday haul soon :)

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