Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Film Review // Anna Karenina (2012)

'You can't ask why about love.'

This review is coming a little late because as soon as the film came out in my local cinema I was straight over in line to see it. This is one of many adaptations of the film and I have only seen one other version which starred Viven Leigh and as Anna and Alexi and I though it was a great movie, however in my own personal opinion this version certainly puts up a fight against the 1948 version, however I can say it was an incredibly fresh take on Tolstoy's novel.
The novel was originally published in 1877 and critically was received successfully. Tolstoy considered this his first true novel and has been Widely regarded as a pinnacle in realist fiction. 
The way the 2012 version of the movie was shot, produced, acted was just amazing it was such an incredible piece of film work that won me over within the first 5 minutes!! 
Ok so a basically outline plot of Anna Karenina is: 

The story unfolds in its original late 19th century tsarist Russia high-society setting and powerfully explores the capacity for love that surges through the human heart, from the passion between adulterers to the bond between a mother and her children. As Anna Karenina questions her happiness, change comes to her family, friends, and community.

This film was another Joe Wright and Keira Knightley pairing, these 2 when put together shows you are definitely going to have a good movie experience if they are working together.
Knightley and Wright on set.
The cinematography was absolutely gorgeous!!! The colours were so rich and vibrant and I adored the way it was shot as though we were seeing in as a performance on a stage, implying a notion that in imperial russian society, all of life is a stage, it worked incredibly well and made it very original in its interpretations, however it was almost too fast paced, but it still worked well with the way they framed the story as it featured a lot of dancing sequences where the music itself was fast in pace. However the cinematography wasn't the only thing gorgeous about it, the costumes were incredible!! I think I would faint if i was told I had a chance to wear one of those dresses, they were stunning and beautiful and fit the society class of the time perfectly.
The set and dresses are just gorgeous!!
Makes me tempted to get into acting to have a chance at wearing one!
Keira Knightley seems to be one of those actresses people either adore or don't like very much, I like her but I'm not a die hard fan, but this role made her go up a little further in my eyes, she protrayed the emotions and held up the character of Anna amazingly well and Jude Law was fantastic as well. Aaron Johnson I thought for most of it was flawless and did an incredibly job but could have made a couple improvements in some scenes but other than that the main actors did an incredible job! Also his and knightly's chemistry on camera was incredibly, they worked well they looked amazing and I was very jealous of Keira at some points ;)

 I adored Domhnall Gleeson who played Levin, he just made me love his character even more than I already do from the book,  
(I'm currently in the middle of reading and it's very good, I would recommend it entirely if you have the time to read it!
and him and Alicia Vikander, who plays Kitty, had good chemistry between them and made such a cute couple in that movie!!
Alicia Vikander and Domhnall Gleeson as Kitty and Levin.
I also adored Matthew Macfadyen, his character lightened the film with his comic ways, you could even forgive his character a little for being a cheater because of the humour he provided.
Overall I haven't seen a lot of adaptations of the book, and critics have given mixed reviews, one issue with critics being that because it was shot so well it almost took away from the actual story, but with most of them being positive. While it is probably not the best version of the story it was an incredible retelling that I am completely in love with!! 


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