Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Guilt Free Chocolate Ice-Cream?!? :O

My sister believes she needs to diet, cue eye roll from me! I think otherwise I mean I think she's perfect the way she is but but what can you do? 
I have wanted to improve my diet for a while now which is extremely hard when your addicted to things that are really bad for you so I said I would join in this venture.
One issue. I love chocolate ice-cream. 

So trying to find an ice-cream alternative that actually tastes good which I like has proven strenuous until
I found the perfect recipe, and it only contains 2 ingredients! 

Banana's and Cocoa Powder.

I'm in heaven and my mind is still sane. 
Check out this great, fat free recipe from Here. 

Rose the name and face behind the blog The Londoner provides other great recipes like Slutty Brownies! 

It's a pity I have to avoid them for a while :'( 

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