Saturday, 11 August 2012


So on Friday night my mum asked if I wanted to come down and help out with her and her best friends' jewellery stall at the craft fair they were going to, I had nothing better to do so I agreed even if it did mean getting up at 8... (¬_¬)
 Of course I once again woke up late, my mother having to wake me up and only had 15 minutes to get ready. 

15 minutes is a very short amount of time to sort myself out. 

With my lion mane like hair shoved up in a messy top knot, the minimal amount of make-up on that I would allow myself to leave the house with and my staple "I'm running late!!!" outfit. 
(Unfortunately my punctuality is terrible so this kind of outfit can be on me a fair few times...) 
A pair of black leggings, a t-shirt, my black flat ankle boots and a cute scarf. 
Today I happened to wear one of my favourites, this gorgeous brown scarf with reversible pattern, I wore the tartan side, with lace detailing along the edge. I would usually wear this scarf in Autumn but it went so well with my blue baggy t-shirt that I just had to wear it! 

The craft fair was good fun, I meet lovely people,
had multiple cups of real coffee, according to my father it's ok to get decaf..., and my mother treated me to a couple of really nice things :) 

The first was this bronze necklace with turquoise stone in the centre. It was on the stall right opposite us and I spent most of the day staring at it! 
While I was buying this gorgeous necklace was discussing with the girl who owned the stall our mutual baby faced-ness and how we are both vertically challenged. 
I must admit I thought this girl had only started university, turns out she was 25. 

The second thing I got was this lovely crocheted hat. I have needed to pick up a hat for the forthcoming cold weather in Autumn and Winter and thought this one was perfect. I especially love the little crocheted flower with the button detail as the centre, I thought it was so cute! 

So that was my day, have also been working on a DIY project this week so a post about that should be up soon. 
Hope you all have had a great Saturday :) 

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