Monday, 27 August 2012

DIY // Paper Book Covers

I love classic novels.
I have loved them ever since I was little and would watch adaptations of these books with my mum. I even started to read them properly when I was 14.
So recently my mother's best friend gave me a copy of the book of the complete Jane Austen collections, I was so happy as it mean't I wouldn't have to keep borrowing them from the library and when your a teenager without a lot of cash it's nice to have something you wanted without having to buy it yourself. Although I have one issue with this book......

I hate movie covers on books. 
They aggravate me something shocking!! I don't understand why? I mean I have gone into the likes of Waterstones and Easons with the purpose of buying a book I want but they only had a copy with the movies cover on it so I refused to by it. 
Members of my family and even some friends are confused about why I hate these kind of covers, and I can't even give them a proper answer I just hate them. I just do. Always have and I always will, that's just me.

Another thing about it is it's a pretty heavy book as it every single book she wrote in this one giant volume and I don't want to be carrying that around if I'm reading one of them, so I decided to separate the books and give them my own paper covers, so here's a little DIY on how I made them into individual books with their own covers. 

Firstly I separated the 7 different novels and then measured out the width of the novel twice and width of the spine on a piece of thick paper, and made a template for the cover. Then fold this paper in half and glued it together.
Once it's glued you will need to mark out the spine will sit in the middle of the pages and fold along those lines.

Now that the cover is made use very strong glue along the spine, spread it all over the spine and stick it down to the paper cover and leave it to dry. I found that sometimes the backs came off a little when I opened the cover too far back but more glue fixed this issue

After  the covers were firmly attached to the novels, you're ready to design your own personal covers for your books.

Hope this DIY helped anyone with a similar predicament and that it turns out well for you as much as it did for me! :)

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