Sunday, 20 May 2012

TV Favourite // American Horror Story :D

Ok. So when I finished watching the New Girl season 1 I promised myself as I have exams soon that I wouldn't start any new tv series until June 20th when my exams finish. I have already broken that promise... I could literally hit myself if the show wasn't so fantastic! American Horror Story is this horror/thriller/drama series that got me hooked within the first 20 minutes of the very first episode, I'm only 4 episodes in but it is definitely not a tv series I will be dropping anytime soon.

Dylan McDermott still undoubtedly goregous even at age 50.
I know he really doesn't look like he's 50!
This is a show where I love to watch it with the lights off and a giant bowl of popcorn and my duvet, however I must warned you if you are easily terrified or creeped out, watch it with a friend. You feel better xD
So this piece of genius was created and produced by both Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk who also created Glee. The first season is,

excerpt taken from wikipedia; centered on the Harmon family: Ben, Vivien and their daughter Violet, who move from Boston to Los Angeles after Vivien had a miscarriage and Ben had an affair. They move into a restored mansion, unaware that the home is haunted by its former inhabitants.
This isn't one of those horror shows with a crappy plot and horrible editing. This shows plotline is fantastic and I adore how it interchanges throughout the episodes to show the stories of the former inhabitants of the house as well as the present inhabitants. The show is edited really well and is also shot really beautifully, the house they move into is gorgeous as well!! It may be known as the 'Murder House' but I would totally want to live there!

All the main characters at the moment to me are very likeable and relatable and all are fantastically played and written especially the character of Constance, who is played amazingly by Jessica Lange. However one character sticks out the most in the whole cast and that is Tate, Constance's son and a patient of Ben's. He's creepy and you can tell he has serious issues from his therapy sessions with Ben, I mean who openly admits to their therapist that they masturbate about said therapists daughter and sneaks into the house!
He is played by Evan Peters and doe an amazing job as Tate, when I heard he was in this show I was anticipating his acting to be just as bad as his acting in that movie Sleepover. Well I was proven well and truely wrong.
Looks like someone grew up and got their big boy acting pants on.
In American Horror Story
In Sleepover

I found out about this show because of the hype on the interwebs and also I found out that the lead singer from my favourite band, Maroon 5, that Adam Levine was going to be one of the main cast members in season 2. So far season 1 is amazing and I hope season 2 will be just as great. It was recently revealed by Murphy himself that the second season would be a completely different setting from season 1. Wait so no more goregous house!!!! D: 

Heres the quote from murphy himself about season 2:
“[Season two] is set on the East Coast at an institution for the criminally insane that is run by Jessica. It’s a completely different world and has nothing to do with season one, there’s not a mention of season one. The second season is set in a completely different time period.”

I may not have seen the whole season yet but I'm really liking what I've seen so far and have really high hopes for the rest of the episodes and the new season which is supposed to air in the US in October later this year. :)

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