Friday, 11 May 2012

Procrastination Au Maximum! & The Blues Cure.

We all procrastinate its normal thing to do especially when it revolves around something we really don't want to do. This however is an issue for me at the moment. Procrastination is a very bad thing to do when it comes to revision and finishing my current art portfolio. VERY. Bad. Unfortunately it is also means that I end up doing things I find extremely entertaining and time consuming. However it can also be good and helpful! It helps me forget about all the stress I put myself through when it comes to worrying about exams.

My levels of procrastination have and will probably always be quite high however they have increased this week even further and it's all thanks to my best friend. Gotta love her encouraging me to revise....

Anyway so she surprised me with a gift this week, just out of the blue, it's not a birthday present as my birthday was in January.

She gave me a present for just being awesome apparently and a really great friend to her. I was really touched, it hadn't been the best time during last week, I was just stuck in the blues all week for no reason and I'm stressed as I slacking off on revision and when I go to revise I can't focus and so I get even more frustrated. But on Monday she surprised me with a copy of 'Love Letters of Great Men'
Now some will know this others may not, but it is the book that was originally just a prop for the first Sex and the City movie which was in such demand that several different versions were published of it by various people. It made Beethoven's quote from his letter to his 'Immortal Beloved' famous to women all over the world in the 21st century.

"Ever thine
 Ever mine
   Ever ours

She made a joke that I might as well get a little romance in my life since I am lacking a said love life.... ¬¬
I adore the fact she did this though,

SatC is one of our all time favourite tv/movie series and the book is something sweet and had meaning behind it. It was a present 'just because' and I love how close we are to be comfortable enough to forget birthday presents yet be able to give a present to each other anytime!

(Must point out both our birthdays have past and we still haven't gotten each other birthday gifts, true friendship for you xD)

This book is really good and it's a great pick-me-up especially if your a complete romantic! I'm not and yet I love it. That says something! x3
What has this got to do with me procrastinating from what I'm supposed to be doing, well I can't put the book down, the letters in this book are all so romantic and loving, (some a little saucy ;P) and it just makes life seem a little brighter. It has helped with the fact the weather has been depressing in general and well of course as I have mentioned revision and art. Thank good all my exams aren't until mid June so I still have plenty of time to revise :D

However reading this book isn't the only favourite thing  of mine to do when I'm not revising, I actually have a list which will from here on be known as " 10 Things This Bad Student Would Rather Be Doing" Not the greatest title but it will do.

1: New Girl. I adore this show, Zooey is just too cute in it! :3

2: Blog posts: I love reading posts from some of my favourite blogs, helps inspire me to blog more!
3: Ipod: I love making playlists and putting new music on my Ipod, I could spend hours doing this!

4: Sex and the City: To me SatC is one of those tv shows that doesn't get old or dull! I just makes me want Carries' wardrobe and shows even more!  

5: Wanelo: I adore this website, it's amazing for find quirky and weird gifts for your friends/family/boy or girlfriend/ mistress etc.

6:Shopping: I love going onto shop websites and internet browse, then I get upset when I can't buy any of the clothing. Its a never ending cycle of bored! 

7. Reading: I'm a complete book nerd, I could read everyday and be happy! My current novel was recommended/lent to me by a friend. So far 50 Shades of Grey is very graphic and saucy but actually very Interesting. I thought it was going to be just someones mid-life crisis fantasies but it surprisingly has a very good plot line to go with it.

8. Coffee Shops: I adore hanging out in coffee shops, I find something really relaxing about just sitting there even if I'm by myself and just watching the world go by while I drink my mocha or latte. Especially if its the Starbucks by my little brothers school with the really cute barista ;) It's better if I'm on my own, usually me and friends if together hanging out in these places end up making fun of people outside.... not the nicest thing to do :/

9. Downtown Abbey: I finally jumped onto the band wagon for this show. My sister and mother both love it and my sister finally got me to watch it. Took me only two days to watch both seasons.

10. Korean Drama: I have a little obsession with Korea, and it all started after a friend of mine who moved back to Hong Kong got me to watch one. I became hooked! 3 years  because later a good 10th of my ipod contains korean music and I watch more dramas at the weekend :)

These photos are not mine, I found them on various photo sharing sites.

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