Friday, 25 May 2012

Recent Online Buys :)

As mentioned before I am stressing over exams and was in much need of a bit of retail therapy. So after a great day spent at my lovely americano friends house baking scrumptious cookies, you can find the recipe here and sun bathing in the summer like weather Northern Ireland rarely receives while being complimented on my music playlist :) I decided to make a few purchases to end a great day!
So starting off I bought a new book to add to my ever growing pile of books I plan to read over summer. I got Anne O'Brien's; The King's Concubine here for only £3.92!!! Bloody bargain especially as it was free post and packaging! :)

Product Description from Amazon:
One marriage. Three people. Proud king. Loving wife. Infamous mistress. 1362. Philippa of Hainault selects a young orphan from a convent. Alice Perrers, a girl born with nothing but ambition. The Queen has a role waiting for her at court. 'I have lifted you from nothing Alice. Now you repay me.' Led down the corridors of the royal palace, the young virgin is secretly delivered to King Edward III - to perform the wifely duties of which ailing Philippa is no longer capable. Power has a price, and Alice Perrers will pay it. Mistress to the King. Confidante of the Queen. Whore to the court. Her fate is double edged; loved by the majesties, ostracised by her peers. Alice must balance her future with care as her star begins to rise - the despised concubine is not untouchable. Politics and pillow talk are dangerous bedfellows. The fading great King wants her in his bed. Her enemies want her banished. One mistake and Alice will face a threat worse than any malicious whispers of the past.

I have never read any books like this or any of the well known Philippa Gregory's novels, but it seemed interesting enough especially as a friend had mentioned it before so I thought why not this be my first of these kind of novels? 

Now for Ebay: 

Karl Lagerfeld.

Wise words, very wise indeed!


Recipes // Yummy Choccie Chip Cookies :D

This is by far the best cookie recipe I have ever owned, all thanks to my gorgeous American friend who moved here from New Zealand at the end of summer last year, providing me with recipes that are to die for!
Frankly I have put on weight since meeting her xD
I would have put my own photo up but these beauties tend to get eaten before I have a chance to get my camera out xD

This recipe makes 5 dozen smallish to medium sized cookies, so be nice and share or you will gain weight like my lovely self xD
So you'll need:

Music Rec // Young The Giant!! :D

This band for me is my latest love, but my love for them is a renewal not a discovery. An alternative band from California, these guys are definitely something to keep your eye on! These guys produce really amazing tunes and they sound amazing when acoustic. So wish I could see these guys live, ah if only *goes off to fantasy land*

Totally check out their 3 released singles from their debut album named after their lovely selves! I adore the whole album but I gotta say Apartment is my most played/ adored song. Its strange though that the album was released in 2010 yet none of the singles were released till 2011/2012 *confused face*

Anyway just spread the love of these guys and check out the links below!! :)

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Music Rec // A Pick Me Up!

My total pick me up song of the moment and one I would completely recommend! 
It's just so darn cute!!! (^-^)

Andrew Allen- I want you

TV Favourite // American Horror Story :D

Ok. So when I finished watching the New Girl season 1 I promised myself as I have exams soon that I wouldn't start any new tv series until June 20th when my exams finish. I have already broken that promise... I could literally hit myself if the show wasn't so fantastic! American Horror Story is this horror/thriller/drama series that got me hooked within the first 20 minutes of the very first episode, I'm only 4 episodes in but it is definitely not a tv series I will be dropping anytime soon.

Dylan McDermott still undoubtedly goregous even at age 50.
I know he really doesn't look like he's 50!
This is a show where I love to watch it with the lights off and a giant bowl of popcorn and my duvet, however I must warned you if you are easily terrified or creeped out, watch it with a friend. You feel better xD
So this piece of genius was created and produced by both Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk who also created Glee. The first season is,

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Things To Do When Feeling Blue

So I found this picture the other day online and I thought it was really cute the fact someone did this. This list is adorable as loads of the things listed are what I actually do to cheer myself up and having a list like this if you don't know how to cheer yourself up when your not feel great or upset could be really useful to others.
Apart from the same things I do on that list I do other things too, e.g wear fuzzy socks and snuggie, read my favourite childhood book and I also do some pen or pencil drawings. Lets just hope this stuff doesn't have to occur too often :)

Feeling Icky :(

So I'm sick.
Fluxating temperature, running nose, really bad chesty cough, basically its hell. It's also raining and it's cold, an even bigger downer. I have had the cough for a while and damned asthma makes it worse, but suddenly I'm really bad today and how I'm making myself better. Cleaning my room. I know it's weird Can't focus on revision and need to do something productive. I really am a weirdo xD
Usually to make myself feel better I just stare at hot men.

Enjoy ;) 

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Movies // I want Detention!!!!!

This thing is a huge deal on the internet right now. Many of you will now the yummy Josh Hutcherson as Peeta in the phenomenon that was The Hunger Games movie, but many are now started to see him in a movie that was originally premired at the SXSW film festival in March 2011 and was a huge hit! They then decided to release the movie for other people to see on April 13th 2012. However there is one problem that many people who are dying to see this movie face! It was only released in select theatres. In the US.



Sunday, 13 May 2012

Outfit of the Day: My Cousins Confirmation

I love fashion, I could spend my day looking at fashion magazines and going online and seeing the latest trends.
Major fan of Louboutins, it's a dream of mine to own a pair of those gorgeous, simple, black beauties! *drools at the thought of them*
Anyway, I also love watching vloggers on youtube and their outfit of the day videos as I love seeing what others like and how they make their own style so I thought, 'Why not start doing it yourself since you like them so much?'
And so i will :)
So obviously you can tell by the title I was at cousins confirmation today; If you don't know what a confirmation is it's a service in the christian religion that means a baptised person confirms the promises made on their behalf at baptism. So it was kinda of a biggish deal for my cousins family and since the occasion is important I obviously had to dress nicely. So here's my outfit: 

Friday, 11 May 2012

Procrastination Au Maximum! & The Blues Cure.

We all procrastinate its normal thing to do especially when it revolves around something we really don't want to do. This however is an issue for me at the moment. Procrastination is a very bad thing to do when it comes to revision and finishing my current art portfolio. VERY. Bad. Unfortunately it is also means that I end up doing things I find extremely entertaining and time consuming. However it can also be good and helpful! It helps me forget about all the stress I put myself through when it comes to worrying about exams.

My levels of procrastination have and will probably always be quite high however they have increased this week even further and it's all thanks to my best friend. Gotta love her encouraging me to revise....

Anyway so she surprised me with a gift this week, just out of the blue, it's not a birthday present as my birthday was in January.

She gave me a present for just being awesome apparently and a really great friend to her. I was really touched, it hadn't been the best time during last week, I was just stuck in the blues all week for no reason and I'm stressed as I slacking off on revision and when I go to revise I can't focus and so I get even more frustrated. But on Monday she surprised me with a copy of 'Love Letters of Great Men'
Now some will know this others may not, but it is the book that was originally just a prop for the first Sex and the City movie which was in such demand that several different versions were published of it by various people. It made Beethoven's quote from his letter to his 'Immortal Beloved' famous to women all over the world in the 21st century.

"Ever thine
 Ever mine
   Ever ours

She made a joke that I might as well get a little romance in my life since I am lacking a said love life.... ¬¬
I adore the fact she did this though,

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Recipes // Brownies :D

How amazing does this brownie look!!!! :O
I love love love chocolate brownies! 

They are one of the most delicious snack/treats ever baked. I am the classic type of person that adores a good chocolate brownie accompanied by a large glass of milk! Whoever first created these beauties I salute you. However I must admit I'm quite fussy when it comes to them. It can't be too dense, bought out of Tescos etc I can't even digest the brownies in Ben&Jerrys Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice-cream a fact which is apparently an offence to closest blonde best friends. 

Sorry Ben and Jerry, my opinion of one ice cream flavour certainly won't make me leave you guys for Häagen-Dazs I swear!

 My brownie snobbery is as my mother put it, a pain in the ass trait I inherited from my father. At least my father understands my pains! :')

Anyway so near the start of this year my brownie dilemma was cured! This girl I know, a couple months ago gave me a recipe for chocolate brownies after hearing my complaints about having no decent recipe and I must proclaim that these are the most delicious brownies in the world!.... well in my opinion anyway x3 They are like an orgasm in my gob;) My sister loves it when I provided her with one of these scrumptious treats. They are also not incredibly difficult to make, so simples :) And here we go:

 You'll need: