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Film Review // Laughing Out Loud [French version]

Ok so I must pinpoint, I'm a bit of a film addict. I'm a typical teenage girl that loves watching "rom-coms" every now and again but I love loads of different types of movies, I don't have a specific genre of film, I'm open to anything! So if theres any movies you would recommend I would happily watch and review them.
So today I am going to be talking about one of my favourite movies in the world! LOL.
LOL (Laughing Out Loud) is a French movie directed by Lisa Azuelos released in 2008 which stars Sophie Marceau and Christa Theret as mother and daughter pair Anne and Lola. The official released synopsis was:

'Sophie Marceau plays a mother of a girl named Lola, whose nickname is Lol. She is 16, and her life is split between her studies in a prestigious Parisian high school, her secret diary, her friends, boyfriends, her divorced parents, drugs, and sexuality.

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Where to start with this movie because it's all around bloody fantastic! This movie fits in fantastically with today's teenage culture and I know this as I am a teenager myself. The worries and struggles the main character Lola deals with I can relate to. This movie is seriously relatable to both teenagers and parents alike! Yes we should be focusing on our studies and our futures like our parents want us to, but the issues with boys, sex, drugs, sexuality, fitting in and trying to be cool yet still be individual it's hard and we do get distracted by it. We do get incredibly frustrated with our parents when they criticise our actions and decisions.
Watching this movie, I can understand why Anne, Lola's mother gets angry and frustrated and even extremely harsh towards Lola, but I can't pick a side as I can relate to Lola so well! Your teen years to maybe early 20's are about exploring and finding ourselves and building our own personality to make us an individual. We are trying to do this ourselves and parents criticisms and sometimes actions will make us rebel as we feel they are trying to make them like us and not let us be who we are meant to be.

The film is based all about relationships, the main focus tends to be on Lola and her relationships with her ex, her best friend the GORGEOUS Mael, played by the very scrumptious Jeremy Kapone ;), with her friends, "The Post-it" Peyrefitte and of course her family, but this movie also shows the mothers relationships too. The mother is struggling to move on from her husband whom she's divorced and we see her trying to start a new relationship with a hot cop while also trying to keep her relationship with her eldest daughter afloat.

The acting in this movie is amazing especially from its teenage cast too! If the acting had been bad I don’t think the movie would have had the same feel, even with its well written script and good plot line. Also the soundtrack that goes along in the movie is so good, most of the songs featured are by Jean-Philippe Verdin, I love his song 'Little Sister' the most! Also the yummy Jeremy Kapone's band 'Kaponz and Spinoza' is also featured in the soundtrack with their song 'Exil' it's fantastic, it's in french where as Verdins stuff is in english but it's still an amazing song even if you don't understand the lyrics.

I love how this movies focus on these issues is in such a light heartened manner! It makes the film over all hilarious yet touching at the same time, I found myself grinning from ear to ear the whole way through the movie.   
Also I love the Frenchs stereotype of british people in this film! Families obsessed with Princess Diana, serving them pasta on bread with jam, Brilliant!!

I would definitely give this movie a solid 9/10. ♥<(^-^<)
2012 movie version official poster.

Now how could I review this movie without making comment on its upcoming remake due to be released this May. When I first the cast for Anne and Lola being confirmed as Demi Moore and Miley Cyrus I had my hesitations!  Demi Moore from what I have seen her in is not a bad actress and by the looks of the trailer she doesn’t look too shabby playing Anne, then it comes to Miley Cyrus. She’s not a bad actress, yes I’ll admit I first thought of her acting in Hannah Montana (Oh dear god! :O) While in her recent acting roles like The Last Song she wasn’t terrible but I still think she has a long way to go before she’ll be really good. Also from the trailer from what I think I feel she may not ruin the character as it seems to be a role that may suit her to play.

When it comes to Hollywood and remakes they do not always turn out for the best. Yes Nightmare on Elm Street I’m looking at you! (¬_¬*) and was looking forward to a really bad version of this amazing film when I found out that the original director of the french version, Lisa Azuelos was directing this version as well it renewed my faith that she would make sure it wasn’t ruined!

Plus I adore the eye candy in both adaptions, first the yummy Jeremy Kapone and now the gorgeous Douglas Booth as the bestfriend. I have seen Douglas Booth’s acting before and he's very good, I adored him as Pip in the most recent BBC adaption of Great Expectations and hope his quality of acting from that will transfer onto LOL J If given the option to choose one of them I don't think I could decide who I'd want! ;)

The British Charmer Douglas Booth!!

The yummy Jeremy Kapone!!

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  1. hi, I was just wondering it you have a link for the film? I've looked everywhere and can't find one, and really want to see it before the remake, which looks horrible, despite the presence of Douglas Booth hahah!