Sunday, 12 February 2012

Those days that are just bleuh!

So blogging regularily is turning out to be a lot harder than anticapated especially due to the amount of school work I am getting recently. Important exams comming up in 3 months and the past 2 weeks, teachers are definitely putting the strain on all of us in our year! Everyone I know has recently just been coming in exhausted or now have developed an addiction to coffee, and addiction i unhealthily and costly picked up when i was 15 :S
<------- How i felt for most of last week.
So with school being a bummer I am so rediculously happy that half term is this week, I really need a break from 6:50 am wake up calls when i only went to bed 5 hours before then! So this week is being dedicated to getting some revision done, seeing my friends, finally getting to do some art work just for the enjoyment of doing it and hopefully finally starting to get my room redecorated. I have been meaning to redecorate it ever since my birthday at the start of January but I never got round to properly cleaning out my room to get is started.
So my to-do list for this week is:
1) Clear out bedroom.
2) Do revision.
3)Redecorate room.
4) Get new art project for school started.
5) Sort out sleep patterns.
Wish me luck ☮

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